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Weekly,Bi-Weekly and Monthly house cleaning services are available.

Bi Weekly cleaning is our most popular service and is done every 2 weeks and can generally be done the same day each visit. We will always email you on the Saturday preceding your cleaning to remind you and confirm the arrival time.

Generally, three to four cleaners will be present. This reduces the amount of time we are in your house, thus less disruption to your day. Cleaners provide their own cleaning supplies and equipment.

Cleaning services include:

Wipe and Dust: Fixtures, Walls, Ornaments, Cabinets and high dusting of ceilings.
Vacuum & Mop: Carpet, Tile, Hardwood, Other
Cleaning: Counters, Tables, Appliance Exteriors and underneath, Interiors (if requested)
Spot Cleaning: Walls, Doors, Sills, empty garbage cans and more...

Tubs & Showers: Clean and Sanitize and remove any soap build up.
Toilets: Clean and Sanitize
Vacuum & Mop: Carpet, Tile, Hardwood, Other
Cleaning: Horizontal Surfaces, Mirrors, Sinks
Spot Cleaning: Doors, Walls, Cabinets, Sills and empty garbage cans.

Dusting: Fixtures, Walls, Ornaments, Cabinets and high dusting of ceilings.
Vacuum & Mop: Carpet, Hardwood, Other
Cleaning: Horizontal Surfaces, Mirrors, Sills
Spot Cleaning: Doors, Walls and empty garbage cans.

Living Rooms, Dining Rooms, General Areas
Dusting: Shelves/Cabinets, Surfaces, Furniture and high dusting of ceilings
Vacuum & Mop: Carpet, Hardwood, Tile, Other
Cleaning: Horizontal surfaces, Sills
Spot Cleaning: Walls, Fans, Switches, Other

* Organize closets, Clean silverware and glass items . Prioritize your needs!

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